5 Reasons  You Need  Proper Branding: 

1. Delivers your message (brand) clearly

2. Backs up your credibility

3. Connects your target prospects. Emotionally connection consumers will remember you.

4. Motivation. The buyer will be motivated to support branding they agree with.

5. Creates and Ensures User Loyalty


  • facebook


    Facebook has billions of users waiting to find your business. To ensure success on Facebook, engage your users with content that is relevant to them...

  • twitter


    You’re probably thinking… “I’m still not sold on Twitter.” Stop it. Twitter can be a very powerful tool used to interact with customers,...

  • instagram


    Do you like photos? Is your product REALLY photogenic? Post it to Instagram. Your followers will thank you and remember you when they double-tap your posts!...

  • pinterest


    Now this is important for visual dreamers. Pinterest is a virtual pin board that allows you to share with the world exactly what you want. It’s basically a...

  • google plus

    Google +

    Google is the king of the internet. Sure, their social media site, Google + hasn’t caught on yet, but it will. Get started now. The early bird gets the worm!...

  • linkedin


    LinkedIn is the most important tool your could use when contacting other businesses and business professionals. It has become a very respected resource. “Business...


What We Do

We are not only a social media branding company, but an all-inclusive marketing agency. We work with the best of the best across the world to ensure that any project you have is completed exactly as you like it. #branding #marketing #agencylife #success

Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media… the most effective combination to date.

We believe the only way up, is online. Company branding is the most important part of building a business. Let’s grow together! It’s been proven that when people have “liked” a business page on Facebook or “followed” a business on Twitter, they are more likely to utilize that business due to familiarity.

Employing a Social Media Management Company

Social Media Management for a business is often misunderstood. You may think social media is free and there is nothing a business needs to pay for. That is true. What isn’t free, is the professional marketing experiences that you gain with a social media management company, such as Est8 Marketing. Our company is social media.

The company was born with social media as its only focus.
We offer custom branding to emphasize everything that you want your business to be. Your success is our success. Let’s get moving!

What Est8 Offers:

A business is only as successful as its ability to be seen. With 1.26 Billion Facebook users and 500 Million Twitter users, your customers are expecting you to be active on social media. Let us do the heavy lifting by branding and creating your custom online presence.

  • Post daily to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest (+more!)
  • Provide customer service by building and maintaining your brand loyalty
  • Improve your SEO and page rank in search engines
  • Promote all of your sales, products, events and updates
  • Multiply Fans, Friends, Followers, Likes, etc.


List of Services:

Social Media Mgmt Web Design Graphic Design Photography

Sign Design & Construction Business Printing Event Planning

Any services not listed can be covered by one of our talented team members. We have an expert for every project you can throw at us.

Educational Experiences

Educational Experiences are our way to help you gain the necessary skills you need. These can be for a hobby, profession or even for general knowledge purposes. We are excited to have educators offering courses in Photography, Graphic Design, Computer Literacy, and Social Media! Please visit Educational Experiences to see more about how you can grow your talents!

Cold Calls? lol. 


It's time to have some fun. Rebranding or branding a new business can be a lot of work. When you team up with EST8 Marketing, we make sure you have all of the tools find success.

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